FreshForex is an online brokerage firm that aims at providing effective financial trading services to traders in the forex market. This broker sets in place, adequate measures that promote the successful trade of financial assets and instruments like forex, commodities, futures, precious metals, indices, stocks, and CFDs. FreshForex was established in Russia in the year 2004 and owns a prestige of more than 15 years’ experience in forex trading. The forex broker provides effective trading platforms designed to deliver and execute orders with accuracy, provides trading accounts with advanced charting tools, and offers its clients an easy deposit and withdrawal system not to talk of the bonus they stand to gain. 



FreshForex broker provides optimum security to all its clients which include traders and investors at large. The personal information and data of customers are entirely confidential and secured via encryption. Aside from this, funds and personal interest are properly secured under the broker. Traders need not be afraid of losing their money in any way.


There are a good number of forex trading platforms provided by FreshForex broker. These trading platforms are engineered to carry out forex trades and trade orders in such a way that the end result yields great returns. These platforms user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Examples of these platforms include:


MetaTrader is an online trading platform made available by FreshForex to its clients and includes an MT4 terminal that conveys good functionality and usability. This trading platform is designed to carry out adequate forex market analysis for the trade of commodities, currencies, stocks, and futures, it provides up-to-date forex trading news, offers a one-click trade execution and includes an automated system for the trade of instruments. Features of MetaTrader 4 FreshForex trading platform includes:

  1. Effective for the trade of a wide range of instruments such as forex instruments like CFDs, futures, commodity, and forex.
  2. Includes a trading system that functions with 9 timeframes.
  3. Provides a forex market execution mode.
  4. Offers forex traders with a high level of security and confidentiality of all known transactions.
  5. Provides an unlimited number of charting tools for traders.
  6. Includes technical indicators with drawing tools and liner instruments for trading.
  7. Comprises of expert advisor for auto trade execution, custom indicators, and forex scripts.
  8. Provides a system for real-time data export through DDE protocol.
  9. Encloses a built-in MetaQuote 4 Language.
  10. Make available trading actions forex signals for forex traders.
  11. Provides an effective communication in form of a multilingual interface to forex traders.
  12. Contains a built-in email and chart prints for easy trading.        

A MetaTrader 4 for MacOS comprises of the following characteristics

  1.  Contains eighty-five in-built technical indicators.
  2. Includes a system for direct deposit from the platform.
  3. Provides a safe and secure trading system for forex traders and investors.
  4. Holds superior forex market charts and a free demo account. 
  5. Offers a multilingual interface for forex traders.

A MetaTrader 4 for iPhones, and Androids comprises of the following characteristics

  1. Provides forex traders with the ability to trade forex from anywhere and at anyplace.
  2. Designed for the trade of instruments like CFDs, commodities, and futures.
  3. Offers more than thirty technical indicators used to trade forex.
  4. Carries out the execution of all forms of trade orders.
  5. Supplies forex traders and investors with full information about their forex trading account balance.
  6. Comprises of a multilingual interface.
  7. Provides online forex quotes for financial instruments.



This trading platform is ideal for the trade of a good number of financial instruments like commodities, futures, precious metals, indices, stocks, and CFDs. The FreshForex trading platform facilitates online trading by providing a trading interface which includes technical tools designed to facilitate forex trades. A MetaTrader 5 platform includes various options used to view charts, engage in various chart trading, includes forex trading news updates, trading events, carries out adequate forex market analysis, and offers trading tools for observing forex market transactions.  This trading platform has the following features:

  1. Develop trading strategies.
  2. Execute forex traders in a one-click.
  3. The platform has a multi-currency and multi-language support which conveys its effectiveness, reliability, and security. 
  4. It can be used with mobile phones, Android phones, iPhone, Personal computers and Linux.   



Being an online brokerage company, FreshForex is regulated by CRFIN (Center for Regulation in OCT Financial Instruments and Technologies). This regulatory body is a forex trading authority that keeps the financial market in check by providing rules and regulations that stands against fraud and insecurity.  With this, the forex broker provides security, protection and complete guide to forex trading success at all times.  


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