Forex.Com is a brokerage firm or company that help traders and investors achieve an easy trade of financial instruments and assets. This forex broker provides an adequate trading environment for the trade of assets like CFDs, precious metals, commodities, and forex. This broker was established in the year 1999 and have its base in the United States. This forex broker provides functional trading platforms for its clients which includes every necessary trading parameter for a successful trade. Forex.Com offers effective forex trading accounts, numerous trading tools like charting tools and graphs, provides live streaming quotes for its clients, offers the security of funds and information and avails easy withdrawal systems as payment methods.



Forex.Com as a brokerage firm is a highly regulated company. There are a lot of regulatory organizations/authorities that guilds the action and deeds of Forex.Com. These regulatory bodies make sure that the broker abides by stated rules and regulations that protect the forex market, its environment and traders at large. Examples of these regulatory agencies include NFA (National Futures Association), CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission), FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), SFC (Securities and Futures Commission), SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada), and FSA (Financial Service Authority). Being under these regulatory bodies, the brokerage firm engages in:

  1. Financial trading business steadiness and tragedy recovery.
  2. Effective risk management options.
  3.  Severe supervision of all available forex trading platforms.
  4. Security of all clients’ information, funds, and data.
  5. Carries out an anti-money laundering activity.
  6. Pay attention and attends to customers complaint.
  7. Adequate forex trade reporting.


This brokerage firm provides an effective customer care plan where various forex trading answers are provided to the questions asked by traders. This customer service unit runs at all hours of the trading section which includes on 24 hours in 5 trading days. Communication between the broker and traders are done through emails, telephones, and live charts. Aside from this, the broker takes an additional step to ensure that language doesn’t become a barrier to trading by offering a multilingual trading system for both new and old members. Most newbies in forex trading are provided experts in form of coaches that help them through the initial process of the trade.


Forex.Com is known to be a beginner-friendly forex broker. This brokerage company provides adequate trading education for those trading forex for the first time. Educational materials are made available as eBooks, videos and graphs. The materials include key steps on making profits in the forex market while minimizing losses, how to effectively read, understand and use most trading indicators, how to interpret charts at all times and how to develop functional and working forex trading strategies.


Forex.Com provides a demo trading account for its clients. This demo trading account specializes on giving forex traders the ability to test run the functionality of all available trading platforms, tools and parameters provided by the forex broker. Aside from this, a demo platform gives traders the opportunity to trading forex better thereby providing a system for skill acquisition.  The more you practice, the better you become. The account also provides a means whereby traders set and developed trading strategies can be tested.


As an online brokerage company, Forex.Com provides easy and fast payment options for its clients. These deposit and withdrawal options are conducted at fast rates. Some are performed/carried out on the spot as the demand is inputted while other methods may take two working days before the payment request in established. These withdrawal and deposit options include credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers, and paper check. Every payment methods are accrued out online. The process of money withdrawal or deposit are safe and secured.


There are a good number of trading platforms made available by to clients. These platforms contain a unique interface that provides the rapid and adequate trade order execution. The platforms are designed to provide forex traders with adequate forex market analysis, real-time streaming quote and market news, advanced charting tools and graphs, and a one-click trade execution within seconds. Examples of these trading platforms include Advanced Trading Platform, Web Trading Platform Mobile Trading Platform Metatrader 4 Trading Platform Metatrader Web Trading Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor. Features include:

  1. Functions with rapidity and flexibility.
  2. Offers over one hundred forex trading indicators for forex traders.
  3. Provides forex traders with the ability to create their own technical indicators.
  4. Gives forex traders the option of trading directly from charts.
  5. Make available customizable drawing tools.
  6. Delivers functional forex trading strategies for forex traders.
  7. Accessibility of a fully customizable dashboard that layouts and drag-and-drop windows that suits a client’s trading life. 


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